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Quality Policy


Rovelsan makes production with its friendly trained employees who have adopted the principle of customer satisfaction and by virtue of the state of the art machines thereof. Our basic principle is the production of quality tractor parts for providing solutions for unconditioned clientele satisfaction. Our company has determined and implemented a "Product Quality Policy" including the principles written below in order to provide the cited services:

Customer Satisfaction
Meeting the needs and expectations of all customers fully and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Ensuring confidence in relations with the clients with provision of timely and accurate information at each stage of production.

Participation of all employees with the belief in the total quality system and the requirements and continuity thereof in a team spirit.

To continuously improve the corporate organization provided trough the determined powers and responsibilities of employees, company rules and procedures according to the current conditions and ensure the good communication of all of the units within a peaceful environment.

To maintain the qualification of being a leading company by being constantly renewed and developed under the guidance of the quality policy determined by compliance to ethical values and brand procedures.

Education and Uptodatedness
Continuously increasing the knowledge and skills of employees with internal and external trainings and employment of all kinds of equipment, hardware, and documents to comply with the current requirements.

To contribute to protection of the environmental balance and public health by applying disposal methods in a contemporary way and in compliance with the legislation with the consciousness that we need to protect the environment we live from all sorts of factors that can cause harm thereto and by developing public sensibility for nature.